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2014 Krappy Kamera® 


Photograph © JE Piper (1st Place, 2014 Krappy Kamera Competition), Camera Handmade by Photographer

Soho Photo 2015 Krappy Kamera Competition 

Call for Entries TBA Early Fall 2014 Exhibition: February 4–28, 2015                        Opening Reception: February 3, 6–8 pm

The 2014 Krappy Kamera Competition presented winning images of photographers from across the United States and this year from Italy, Greece, Canada and Poland. 

Our 2014 juror was Jean Miele.   In addition to creating fine art photography for galleries and museums, he also writes for photo publications and websites and teaches photo workshops.  Jean loves photography’s thrilling ability to transform the world. 

In his juror’s statement he wrote:  ” ‘What if?’ is the impulse behind the whole idea of the Krappy Kamera Competition.  ‘What if?’ is about pushing the limits of expectation and making surprise an integral part of the darkroom formula.  What if you allow the universe a hand in the process? What if your camera has light leaks, or you add kerosene to the developer, or if (heaven forbid! you maniacal film devotees) you cobble a fifty-cent lens onto your $3000 dslr?  These winning pictures are the answer.  The answer to ‘What if?’ is that you create a little bit of room for magic to happen.”


Krappy Kamera 2014 Call for Entries

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2014 Winners

2014 Holga Inspire Award Announcement

Jean Miele on 2014 Krappy Camera


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