September 2016 Exhibitions

SohoPhoto Gallery
15 White Street
New York, NY 10013

Gallery hours:
Wednesday to Sunday
1:00pm - 6:00pm
(and by appointment)

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The Collector


—Ronaldo Aguiar

Photograph © Ronaldo Aguiar

September at Soho Photo Gallery
The gallery is proud to open the new season with diverse solo shows by gallery artists presenting a wide range of photographic art.

EXHIBITION DATES: September 7, 2016 – October 1, 2016

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, September 8, 2016, from 6pm to 8pm. All welcome.

The Collector

Ronaldo Aguiar


“I have a fascination for cabinets of curiosities and natural history museums. Entering the rooms full of taxidermy animals, bones, insect collections, and shells gives me mixed feelings of wonder and fear. The Collector is a series of 12 wood and glass boxes with a fairytale touch, born after a photographic exploration in the Sao Paulo Zoology Museum, in Brazil, and natural history museums all over the world.”


© Ronaldo Aguiar

Transgender Beautiful

Jady Bates


“This work presents an overview of the transgender life experience — self-actualization beyond the perceivable constraints of the global community. Throughout this self-realization, there exists tentativeness, strength, society’s own conflict with a transgender person’s emerged identity and, finally, comfort (“I AM-ness”) within their own body and in the world. I chose a Holga camera for this series because it conveys a mysterious, elliptical element together with the staggering beauty of the subject.”


© Jady Bates

Olympia-Images of Paterson’s Hinchliffe Stadium

Martin Frank


“Hinchliffe Stadium, a relic of the American Negro Baseball league, is a 10,000-seat art deco structure surrounded by a series of bas-relief terra cotta sculptures of Olympic figures-marathoners, hammer, discus and javelin throwers. Imagine them witnessing Satchel Paige’s fastball or an infield patrolled by Larry Doby and Jackie Robinson! Overgrown with weeds and graffiti, the field that once thrilled audiences with stolen bases is now occupied by stolen bicycles. One is reminded of how the Greek concept of irony, so important in photography, functions on many levels in these images.”


© Martin Frank

Thirteen Asymmetries

Lawrence Gottesman


“Visual information is mostly asymmetrical. The perfectly symmetrical image tells us almost nothing; it is, at most, an empty tautology. A small detail — a shading or shadow, a texture, a seemingly random line or boundary — changes everything. Without this, then nothing. And if not nothing, then at least not this. What else could you want to know?”

Thirteen Asymetries_Untitled_LawrenceGottesman1

© Lawrence Gottesman

Dogs Among Us

Robert Kalman


“These photographs aren’t really about dogs. They’re really about relationships. Deep ones. So deep that a man inked his deceased dog’s likeness onto his chest. So deep, another man admitted his dog feels closer to him at times than his wife and kids. So deep that one woman responded to my question, ‘What would your life be like without her?’ with ‘I would have no life without her.’ These dual portraits were made in and around New York City’s Tompkins Square Park during 2016.”

DOGS AMONG US_Luis with Shai_hi rez© Robert Kalman_2016

© Robert Kalman

Memorialized /p>

Bob Leonard


D”The 9/11 Memorial is a now a top New York City tourist destination. Over many months, I observed visitors taking photos of each other using conventional cameras and cell phones. Portraits. Family group shots. And selfies, one-handed and using the reviled selfie stick. All posted on Facebook for the gang back home. It’s a spectacle.”

Bob Leonard

© Bob Leonard

Newark After Dark

Bruce Wodder


“Every city has two personalities: one in daylight, another after dark. In this series of photographs I explore the nocturnal stillness of Newark, NJ, when the subtle shadows of darkness play out against the streets and buildings. Once daylight has disappeared and ambient light creates the city’s aura, a simple street is transformed with shades of gray. These eight black & white photos are inspired by film noir, where the nonexistence of light is the strongest element in the frame.”

BruceWodder_Bob's Auto Salvage, Ave

© Bruce Wodder