May 2016 Exhibitions

SohoPhoto Gallery
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New York, NY 10013

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Wednesday to Sunday
1:00pm - 6:00pm
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Properties of Light


—Peter Agron

Photograph © Peter Agron

May at Soho Photo Gallery

In May, the gallery is proud to present Israeli photographer Avshalom Levi’s acclaimed series Sliding Doors; Ellen Jacob’s multi-media Born Here Project, which includes live photography and interview sessions with gallery visitors; Lou Krueger’s work, The Temple of Wonders, one of the winning portfolios from the 2016 International Portfolio Competition; and Peter Agron, Irene Greenberg and Barry Guthertz’s solo shows.

Exhibition Dates: May 4, 2016 – June 4, 2016

Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 3, 2016, from 6pm to 8pm. Everyone is welcome.

Properties of Light

Peter Agron


Properties of Light is a new selection of black and white gelatin silver images printed in the last two years from 35mm negatives.

IPeter Agron_sfg 2016002

© Peter Agron


Irene Greenberg


“What remains? Memory blanched in the light and toned with the passage of time. I try my best to remember as the images fade. With this series, I move my street photography in a new direction. I seek to create nostalgia – fleeting sketches – with strong lines and harsh light.”


© Irene Greenberg

Earth Rhythms

Barry Guthertz


“I have spent countless hours outdoors climbing mountains, hiking forests, fishing rivers, and camping by lakes. I have always wanted to somehow share the excitement, the Eros, and other extraordinary feelings that awaken inside me when I’m surrounded by nature. Whether close-up or from a distance, the sheer magnitude of nature’s force can both terrify and fascinate. Left in their wake is a mysterious beauty that calls me to sit quietly and contemplate the breathtaking compositions carved into the earth’s landscape.”

Barry Guthertz_Yellowstone Hot Spring Abstract

© Barry Guthertz

Born Here Project

Ellen Jacob


“Each of our identities is born out of a place and a story-the defining moments that transform us. Through images and words, Born Here Project documents people and their origin stories, exploring the concepts of place and identity. Large-scale prints embody the stories of past Born Here subjects. There also will be live photo sessions May 13-16 so gallery visitors can join Born Here by being photographed and telling their origin stories. The project is currently published on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram with thousands of worldwide followers.”

JACOB_Ellen_Born Here Project-Rose

© Ellen Jacob

Sliding Doors

Avshalom Levi


“The Door of Hope is a shelter for prostitutes, drug addicts and homeless women in the old Central Bus Station of South Tel-Aviv, Israel. The shelter is a sanctuary where the women can find a respite from the streets. This series was made in 2008 over a period of six months. It is shot in black and white and hand-tinted as a way to look into their eyes, an action many avoid on the streets. The series is dedicated to a beautiful woman who is no longer with us.” .

Avshalom Levi_ILANA 43 YEARS OLD

© Avshalom Levi

2016 International Portfolio Competition

The Temple of Wonders

Lou Krueger


This work features large-scale, digital photographic montages that, “much like the circus sideshow, acknowledges the physical embodiment of human anomaly and psychological aberration.”

Lou Krueger_Soho Pinic 72

©RLou Krueger