January 2017 Exhibitions

SohoPhoto Gallery
15 White Street
New York, NY 10013

Gallery hours:
Wednesday to Sunday
1:00pm - 6:00pm
(and by appointment)

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Two, and a Quarter


—Peter Agron

Photograph © Peter Agron

big/SMALL Exhibition

Today’s technology allows for exceptionally high quality large photographs. In January, Soho Photo Gallery is exhibiting such work by their artists, but not at the expense of their artists whose work is small. The big/SMALL show presents both for photography lovers and collectors to appreciate what they each have to offer. It’s not the size of the print, it’s the photographers vision and the viewer’s response. The gallery is proud to present six solo shows exploring this theme along with a SPG artists’ group show titled Small Work.

EXHIBITION DATES: January 4 – January 28, 2017
OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, January 5, 2017, from 6pm to 8pm.


Two, and a Quarter

Peter Agron


This is a selection of twelve black and white contact prints from medium-size negatives. All images printed by the photographer on gelatin silver art paper.


© Peter Agron


Ronaldo Aguiar


“In January 2016, New York was hit by a snowstorm. People were advised to stay inside. Public transportation was shut down. Cars couldn’t circulate. The city became an ethereal place. That morning, I grabbed my camera and wandered the streets, registering the strangeness that took over NYC and sending the pictures to friends, as if sending small letters. The show Nor’easter is the result of that unearthly morning.”

Ronaldo Aguiar_Jan

© Ronaldo Aguiar

New Work

Larry Davis


Davis begins his twentieth year as a member of Soho Photo with a new body of work. Continuing with his signature small format, he brings some larger-than-life objects, not usually thought of as intimate, to an intimate scale. Complex detail is evident in the architectural abstracts, while the simplicity of line is seen in the others. Davis offers a new way of seeing and appreciating the built environment.

Larry Davis_In Brooklyn

© Larry Davis


Myra Hafetz


“There are moments when all outside seems completely still. It happens in winter when snow has just fallen and everything is covered in white. It also can occur on a hot summer’s day when there is no wind but only a shinning sun. The photographs in Stillness where taken on Cape Cod on such a summer’s day. It was completely quiet. Nothing was moving. The world felt as if it had stopped and everything in it was held forever in the moment captured by the camera lens.”

Myra_Hafetz_Blue Boat

© Myra Hafetz

Water’s Edge

Jay Matusow


“The beauty of our coasts is often recorded as a landscape, but the detailed view we can see at the macro level is often overlooked. Shells, barnacles, limpets, seaweed, and algae provide a visually rich canvas for the water to work on, as the tide washes in and out at Folly Beach, SC. The sea distorts each subject’s form and intensifies its colors.”

Jay Matusow_DSC_5117

© Jay Matusow

A View From Grace

Raphael Senzamici


“When I purchased my first drone, and stood in awe of the visuals that were unfolding in front of me, a rush of emotions washed over me. Is this the view from heaven? With the recent loss of family members, I wondered: ‘Do they peek through the clouds and check in on us?’ I’d like to think so.”


© Raphael Senzamici