October 2016 Exhibitions

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Fragmented Reflections


—F. Emmanuel Bastien

Photograph © F. Emmanuel Bastien

October at Soho Photo Gallery
The gallery is proud to present shows by gallery artists presenting a range of themes from Brazil to Russia to the sky.

EXHIBITION DATES: October 5, 2016 – October 29, 2016
OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, October 4, 2016, from 6pm to 8pm. All welcome.


Fragmented Reflections

F. Emmanuel Bastien

“I am drawn to the dimensional contradiction within reflections. The reflections flatten onto one plane of multiple dimensional layers that would not otherwise interact revealing a new dimension. I watch this moving canvas, the glass, what is behind the glass, the fragments reflected in the glass and what evolves in between, waiting to create a new narrative shrouded in mystery, dreaminess and uncertainty.”

F.Emmanuel Bastien Fragmented Reflextions-6474

© F. Emmanuel Bastien

Landscape Within

Tony Kirman

“These images continue my use of the Abstract Expressionist concept of the gesture as applied to photography. I removed the element of color and now explore the tonal possibilities of three dimensions animated through time. These images are mental landscapes, evidence of how this city has changed me, love poems really.”


© Tony Kirman

A Frame Without a Picture (2005-2016)

Roman Makhmutov

Arkaim was a settlement in the Bronze Age that has gained wide popularity in Russia as a mystical place. Every summer, at the day of solstice, it attracts thousands of visitors looking for something special. But what is found are mostly rumors and superstitions. Everyone sees a different picture, depending on their beliefs and value systems. The project includes images of the place, portraits, interviews and artifacts from the site.

Roman Makhmutov

© Roman Makhmutov

Starting with Sky

Jay Matusow

“This body of work has its genesis in the colors and shapes the sun paints in the sky at the beginning of each day. The startling beauty of these natural dawn paintings often compels me to interrupt my morning routine, to make a photograph. I’ve found that as I look at these images, I’m inspired to use my own skills to build on them, creating a collaboration of sorts between the sun and myself.”

Jay Matusow_orb sky number 1

© Jay Matusow


Seena Sussman

“Twenty-five years ago, I volunteered to do portraits of residents at a facility providing food, shelter, clothing and crisis counseling to adolescents at risk. Over a period of about a year, I visited the facility once a week and collaborated with the subjects on their portraits. I had hoped that creating these portraits would help these young people gain a better sense of self-esteem and to imagine a different life. Looking at these images now, I wonder how their lives turned out.”


© Seena Sussman


Yaqui Yamdrock

Yaqui Yamdrock was a member of Soho Photo Gallery since 1999 She was one of the Gallery’s most prolific photographers, a master (darkroom) printer, an excellent photographer and an eccentric with a great sense of humor.
She had a special spot in her heart for Venice, Italy. and befriended a mask maker who would make masks according to her specifications. She found costumes in local thrift shops in her neighborhood and delighted in dressing up her friends and neighbors and posing them in ironic and funny vignettes.Yaqui was a lover of turtles and horses. In 2013, she published an illustrated book called “By Two!” about a turtle named Mullan who followed her dream of racing against horses. With all of Yaqui’s interests and talents, she was truly a “one of a kind” whose presence is missed by all who knew her

MULLAN by Yaqui Y 72 dpi

© Yaqui Yamdrock